Visit to FBK labs
24 September 2015 | 9.30 am - 12.00 am

MNF laboratories:
The Micro-Nano Facility of FBK is focussed on two main pillars:
- development and application of surface science analytical techniques and related methodologies for the characterization of materials at the micro and nano scale.
- development, production and packaging of innovative devices based on silicon compatible technology, with a focussed expertise on Radiation Sensors and MEMS-devices to be used in the fields of optical and particle detection, transduction, RF and optics.
With more than 20 years of experience, the complete development cycle of advanced micro devices is covered for both R&D and production. The MNF is open to external customers belonging to both the research and the industrial worlds.
Cluster Lab - UHV Integrated Laboratory & Hy3S LAB:
The UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) Cluster Lab aimed at the implementation of an integrated laboratory where deposition and characterization facilities were connected in UHV conditions in order to allow in situ analyses of the deposited/treated materials. This to avoid any air exposure of the samples before the analyses and to enhance deposition control by permitting the direct transfer of the substrates between the deposition and the analyses chambers.
The Hydrogen Solid State Storage (Hy3S) Laboratory is equipped to carry on validation and characterization of innovative catalyzed materials for hydrogen storage application. Laboratory is equipped with a Isochoric differential apparatus for high accurate measure of gas sorption and with a high-level glove box to store and prevent air-contamination of sample, for a rigorous working methodology.

Visit to hydrogen technologies in Trentino area
25 September 2015 | 14.00 pm - 19.00 pm

Hydrogen Centre and HRS in Bozen (Italy)
Storing renewable energy coming from the many hydroelectric plants and the numerous photovoltaic systems in form of hydrogen, and distributing it as “made in South Tyrol” fuel to emission-free vehicles: this is one of the main purposes of the H2 South Tyrol project coordinated by the Institute for Innovative Technologies (IIT), a non-profit research institute which has been founded by public and private stakeholders. On behalf of the South Tyrolean government it establishes hydrogen infrastructures, carries out projects in the hydrogen / renewable energy sector and sharing the know-how with the population, with economy, politics and the public administration – thus activating them as project partners. The H2 centre and the Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) have been opened in 2014, and since August 2014 it is possible to rent H2 cars at Bolzano.

SOLIDpower production site in Mezzolombardo, Trento (Italy)
SOLIDpower is high-tech company devoted to the development and manufacturing of cogeneration systems  based on solid oxide fuel cells. Set up in late 2006, and after two important acquisitions, the company is now one of the main worldwide players in the range of 1,0 to 100 kW SOFC fuel cell. With more than 6 million operation hours and with more than 500 systems already installed, SOLIDpower is a well known company in the stationary fuel cell market. SOLIDpower is an Italian company with the headquarters near Trento, in northern Italy,  with branch companies in Switzerland for R&D and in Germany for sales and service. The main company’s product is the EnGen™-2500 a micro-cogenerator for small business and multi-family application that is currently supported by European project as Ene.field or national energy efficiency schemes (e.g. Eco-bonus).